Last Updated May 30, 2009

Nicknames: NAME>>> Bryan Anderson
From: Moose Factory/TBay/Sioux/GRFN
Occupation: FULL TIME STUDENT AT O.F.F A.Tin Kingston /specified worker sometimes,Daddy,Hubby
Hobbies: study, fly, learning how to update my knet hp
Quote: Bryan Anderson say it...Bryan Anderson

Booshoo Anishinabie

I'm just here to change up the song, I was looking for a good tuneage but no can do.

Today was flour day for most of us. I think not, I stayed away from the 10kg sugar and stayed put in my corner.

Cookes tomorrow! Hi to my babies and lady in Moose Factory! I miss you all everyday.

Have a good night to everyone that drops by



 MY FIRST Javier Patrick Isaac

MY SECOND Lanelle Angel Samaria

MY BABYBOY Carlyle Walter Darey



My parents E & C, My Bros and Sisters, and alll their children, Uncles , Aunts, of course the cousins across canada! and alll my relatives, of course I cannot forget my wifes family, colleagues, friends/buddies, people whom I formally met once or twice lol, chat buddies, email buddies lol be back to add more as I remember





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